Who We Are

Beginning as a conference of health care workers in 1926, the Tennessee Public Health Association (TPHA) was chartered in 1939, creating an organization in which different disciplines work together to obtain higher standards of preventive health practice through recommendations involving administrative policy and legislative action.

TPHA is the official professional organization for those engaged or interested in public health services and is endorsed by the administration of the Tennessee Department of Health. TPHA is an affiliate member of the American Public Health Association and the National Association of County and City Health Officials. TPHA provides opportunities for health professionals representing diverse service areas to meet and share ideas in an effort to maintain high standards of quality in all aspects of public health. Membership is encouraged for any person who is engaged in the practice of public health, either directly or indirectly, or who is interested in the advancement of public health in Tennessee.

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TPHA is the leading professional organization recognized as the voice for public health in Tennessee.

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· To exercise leadership in health policy development
· To promote, protect and improve the health of those living in, working in and
visiting Tennessee
· To foster professional development and a sense of unity among its members



1. Public Health is a critical element of the total health care system, is proven effective, and is extremely cost efficient.
2. Maintaining a strong public health system is critical to the health and well-being of Tennessee’s citizens and communities.
3. Public Health addresses community health problems through assessment, policy development and assurance. These core public health functions serve as the system’s infrastructure.
4. The Public Health system, at all levels, must have sufficient capacity to achieve its objectives.
5. Public Health can be most effective through the development of partnerships.

What We Do

  •  Sponsors an annual educational conference including continuing education, training, and scientific and educational exhibits
  •  Provides an advocacy mechanism for promoting public health issues
  •  Awards annual scholarships to public health workers
  •  Organizes regional meetings in each grand division of the state
  •  Promotes a sense of pride, unity, and accomplishment among health professionals in Tennessee
  •  Co-sponsors public health events and activities
  •  Publishes a quarterly newsletter
  •  Recognizes deserving individuals or work units who make contributions to public health in Tennessee by presenting awards during ceremonies at the annual meeting