Tennessee Public Health Association
2016-2017 Board of Directors

Paul Erwin, MD, DrPH (President)
Professor and Department Head
Department of Public Health
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Phone: (865) 974-5252
E-mail: perwin@utk.edu

Susan Porter (President-Elect)
West TN Regional Health Office
Phone: (731) 571-1322
E-mail: susan.porter@tn.gov

Ami Mitchell (Immediate Past President)
South Central Regional Health Office
Phone: (931) 490-8337
E-mail: ami.mitchell@tn.gov

Marian Levy, Dr. P.H. (Representative to APHA)
The University of Memphis
Phone: (901) 678-4514
E-mail: mlevy@memphis.edu

Carrie Thomas (Vice President/East Tennessee)
Knox County Health Department
Phone: (865) 215-5355
Email: carrie.thomas@knoxcounty.org

Adam Jarvis (Vice President/Middle Tennessee)
Central Office, Department of Health
Phone: (615) 454-1053
E-mail: adam.jarvis@tn.gov

Melony Sesti (Vice President/West Tennessee)
Gibson County Health Department
Phone: (731) 487-3209
E-mail: melony.sesti@tn.gov

Shannon Railling (Board Representative/Middle Tennessee)
Warren County School System
Phone: (931) 668-4022 Ext. 292
E-mail: raillings@warrenschools.com

Rendi Murphree (Board Representative/Middle Tennessee)
TN Department of Health
Phone: (615) 253-1365
E-mail: rendi.murphree@tn.gov

Emily Rushing (Board Representative/West Tennessee)
West TN Region
Phone: 731-265-2000
E-mail: emily.rushing@tn.gov

Tyler Zerwekh, Dr. P.H. (Board Representative/West Tennessee)
Shelby County Health Department
Phone: 901-222-9079
E-mail: tyler.zerwekh@shelbycountytn.gov

Jennifer Valentine (Board Representative/East Tennessee)
Knox County Health Department
Phone: (865) 215-5096
E-mail: jennifer.valentine@knoxcounty.org

Sandra Wilson (Board Representative/East Tennessee)
Northeast Regional Health Office
Phone: (423) 979-4594
E-mail: sandra.wilson@tn.gov

Vacant (Representing Communicable Disease Section)

Greg Galfano (Representing Emergency Preparedness)
Central Office, Department of Health
Office: (615)
E-mail: greg.galfano@tn.gov

Susan Gulley (Representing Dental Section)
Metro Health Department
Phone- 615-862-6727
E-mail: ssgul@att.net

Eric Coffey (Representing Environmental Section)
General Environmental Health, Southeast Region
Phone: (423) 634-5879
E-mail: eric.coffey@tn.gov

Don Perry (Representing Epi/Biostats Section)
Mid Cumberland Regional Office
Phone: 615-650-7056
E-mail: donald.perry@tn.gov

Vacant (Representing Health Administration)

Shayla Lawrence (Representing Health Education/Health Promotion Section)
Shelby County Health Department
Phone: 901-222-9268
Email: shayla.lawrence@shelbycountytn.gov

Susan Thurman (Representing Nursing Section)
Robertson County Health Department
Phone: (615) 382-3108
Email: Susan.Thurman@tn.gov

Samantha Dixon Sanders (Representing Nutrition Section)
Smith County Health Department
Phone: (615) 735-0242
E-mail: samantha.dixon@tn.gov

Mohammad Hossain, MD (Representing Physicians Section)
Williamson County Health Department
Phone: (615) 794-1542, ext. 5320
E-mail: mohammad.hossain@tn.gov

Bethany Wrye, PhD (Representing Public Health Academics Section)
Middle Tennessee State University
Phone: (615) 898-5073
E-mail: bethany.wrye@mtsu.edu

vacant (Representing Student Section)

Richard Savoy, OD (Representing Vision Care Section)
Southern College of Optometry
Phone: (901) 722-3345
E-mail: rsavoy@sco.edu

Doris Spain (ex-officio member)
Executive Director, TPHA
Phone: (615) 646-3805
E-mail: dgspain@tnpublichealth.org