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Tennessee Public Health Association



ARTICLE II.   Vision Statement


TPHA is the leading professional organization recognized as the voice for public health in Tennessee.



ARTICLE III.   Mission Statement


To exercise leadership in health policy development; To promote, protect and improve the health of those living in, working in and visiting Tennessee; and, To foster professional development and a sense of unity among its members.



ARTICLE IV.   Values


Section 1.  Public Health is a critical element of the total health care system, is proven effective, and is extremely cost efficient.


Section 2.  Maintaining a strong public health system is critical to the health and well-being of Tennessee’s citizens and communities.


Section 3.  Public Health addresses community health problems through assessment, policy development, and assurance.  These core public health functions serve as the system’s infrastructure.


Section 4.  The Public Health system, at all levels, must have sufficient capacity to achieve its objectives.


Section 5.  Public Health can be most effective through the development of partnerships.



ARTICLE V.   Objectives


Section 1.  To provide an opportunity for persons actively engaged or interested in the broad field of community health to meet together and to share knowledge and experiences in order to achieve the primary goal of protecting and promoting the health of the people of Tennessee.


Section 2.  To provide leadership in community health in the State by studying and becoming familiar with health needs and problems, and then initiating and supporting action to meet those needs or remedy problems.


Section 3.  To promote and provide continuing educational opportunities for health and allied workers in order to acquire new or broader knowledge and to develop new skills and techniques for more effective services.


Section 4.  To stimulate, initiate, or undertake studies or surveys in such fields as personal needs and services, and program evaluation.


Section 5.  To encourage cooperative efforts in support of community health objectives among official, voluntary, and professional organizations concerned with such fields as health, welfare, mental health, education, and public administration.


Section 6.  To stimulate high professional standards in the field of community health.


Section 7.  To promote high standards of quality in all aspects of community life affecting the health of the people.


Section 8.  To initiate and support legislative action that will promote or improve the health of the people.


Section 9.  To involve the public and a variety of special community groups in health programs to increase their knowledge of the field and to gain their support.


Section 10.  To cooperate with other agencies and groups in promoting comprehensive health planning for the citizens of Tennessee.



ARTICLE VI.   Membership


Section 1.  There shall be five classes of membership to be designated as follows: Active, Honorary, Life, Agency, and Student.


Section 2.  The right to vote shall be limited to Active, Life and Student Members of the Association.  The right to hold office and serve as committee chairs is limited to Active and Life Members.


Section 3.  The qualifications of the several classes of membership, the dues of each, the manner of their election, and their rights and privileges except as specified in this Constitution, shall be established by the Board of Directors.




ARTICLE VII.   Board of Directors


Section 1.  The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of the following:


  1. The elected officers of the Association including the President-Elect.


  1. The Immediate Past President.


  1. A Representative from each section who shall be the current Chair.


  1. Six (6) elected Representatives to the Board of Directors, two (2) from each grand division of the State.


  1. The Representative to the American Public Health Association.


Section 2.  Requirements for election to the Board of Directors, manner of election, and term of office shall be established in the Bylaws.


Section 3.  The officers of the Association shall be the officers of the Board of Directors.


Section 4.  The Executive Director shall serve as Secretary of the Board, and as an ex-officio, non-voting member.


Section 5.  Meetings of the Board shall be when called by the President or at the request in writing of any six (6) members of the Board and shall be held at least once each year at the time of the Annual Meeting of the Association.  Notification of any meeting shall be at least twenty (20) days in advance of the meeting.



ARTICLE VIII.   Board of Directors’ Functions


Section 1.  To establish policies for the Association and for the guidance of the Executive Committee and the officers.


Section 2.  To select, establish salary of, and employ an Executive Director and Office Assistant.


Section 3.  At the time and place of the Annual Meeting receive a report from the President of the Association in which the work, accomplishments, and financial status of the Association during the year preceding such Annual Meeting shall be reviewed and a statement made of the major activities contemplated for the ensuing year.


Section 4.  To establish additional sections of the Association not included in the Bylaws, to combine or discontinue them when necessary, to formulate general rules governing policies of the sections, to receive reports from the sections and act on any recommendations at each Annual Meeting, and to maintain coordination among the sections.


Section 5.  To perform such other functions as are prescribed in the Bylaws.



ARTICLE IX.   Officers


Section 1.  The officers of this Association shall be President, three Vice-Presidents (one elected from each grand division of the State), and President-Elect. The President-Elect and the Vice-Presidents shall be elected as prescribed in the Bylaws.


Section 2.  At no time shall a Vice-President become President except to serve as President pro tempore when the President is unavoidably absent from the meeting or in the event the office of presidency is vacated.


Section 3.  The Executive Director shall serve as Secretary of the Association and of the Board.


Section 4.  Vacated offices shall be filled as provided in the Bylaws.



ARTICLE X.   Executive Committee


Section 1.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Association, the Immediate Past President, and the Representative to APHA.


Section 2.  The Executive Committee shall meet on call of the President.  A quorum shall consist of five (5) members present at any meeting.


Section 3.  The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the affairs of the Association in the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors and shall have authority to handle any matters which, in the opinion of the President, do not require the attention of the full Board.


Section 4.  The actions of the Executive Committee shall be in accordance with the policies of the Association as established by the Board of Directors and shall conform with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.





ARTICLE XI.   Amendments


The Constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote of the Active Members, Student Members and Life Members present and voting at an Annual Meeting, provided said amendment(s) have been approved by the Board of Directors and provided the members of the Association have been officially notified and sent a copy of the proposed amendment(s) at least thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting at which the specified amendment(s) will be considered.