Welcome to our new website. You will find much of the information from our previous site here, but you will find it in a more modern design. You will also see our new logo displayed on the page.
The new logo features the popular tri-stars known by so many as the symbol from our state’s flag. You might also notice that the shape of the logo, the tilted rectangle, is similar to the outline of Tennessee. The design also gives the feel of moving forward. We are pleased with the simple yet progressive design.
We are also very pleased to offer our new website. If you were familiar with our previous site, you’ll immediately notice the more modern design and interface. This site has features we think will make it more helpful and informative. Here are a few.
  • An events calendar will be updated regularly with events going on around the state and, in some cases, the nation.

  • We will feature polls to gauge interest, thoughts, and opinions about a wide range of public health topics. We might also have a little fun along the way.

  • Users will have more direct access to information about partners.

We are happy to welcome you to the new online home of TPHA. Thank you for your interest in our association and in the advancing public health in Tennessee.