President’s Message

It is my pleasure as the President of the Tennessee Public Health Association (TPHA) to welcome you to our website.  I hope you find this site filled with helpful information.

TPHA is committed to providing the tools and information as well as professional development and networking opportunities designed to make our members the best in their fields.  We also make sure to include some fun along the way like our annual Fun & Fitness event which fosters a friendly competitive spirit and sense of unity among members.  With our members being the website’s primary audience, we need to hear from you!  Spend a few minutes looking at the different resources available and tell us how we are doing – what you like and what improvements are needed.

If you are new to our website, I hope you will consider joining us.  TPHA, one of the American Public Health Association’s largest state affiliates and host to one of the nation’s most informative annual conferences, is the leading professional organization recognized as the Voice for Public Health in Tennessee.  Our more than 1,200 members work tirelessly in the areas of public health practice, policy, education, and research to promote, protect and improve the health of those living in, working in and visiting Tennessee.  Local public health workers, regional, metro, and state public health departments, academia, non-profit agencies, primary health care providers, community partners, health councils, local governments, and anyone else concerned about health and wellness will most certainly find a place in our organization.

Make a commitment to HEALTH, to yourself, your community, and our state by getting involved in TPHA.  Your participation – serving on a committee, joining a section, attending Grand Division meetings and/or the annual conference in September 2018 – is welcomed and appreciated.  I look forward to working with you during the next year.

Stay involved and stay healthy,

Susan Porter, RN, BC