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Section 1. The Nursing Section of the Tennessee Public Health Association will operate under the auspices of the Tennessee Public Health Association and its bylaws.

Section 2. There shall be two classes of membership as follows:

  1. Active Members shall include nursing personnel connected with agencies and organizations engaged in public health work, in teaching and research,

    in the field of health or a related field, and other nursing personnel or retirees who have demonstrated a genuine interest in Public Health Nursing and who are members of the Tennessee Public Health Association.

  2. Life Members shall include those persons of the Nursing Section who

have been made Life Members by the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Public Health Association.

Section 3. Annual dues for active members shall be the amount as determined by the Executive Committee based on the current need. Dues shall be paid directly to the Treasurer no later than one month prior to the annual meeting.

Under extenuating circumstances, dues may be paid at the time of the annual

Meeting. One fourth (1/4) of the yearly total dues will be set aside for the Scholarship fund. This amount will be reflected in the minutes carried forth until changed by vote of members.

Section 4. The right to vote, to hold office and to serve as Committee Chairpersons shall be limited to active and life members who are in good standing.

ARTICLE II. Officers

Section 1. A majority vote of the section membership shall be required to elect officers of the section. Written/electronic ballots will be distributed to the entire section membership prior to the annual meeting. Ballots may be returned via mail or email to designated Nominee and Elections Chair on ballot. All ballots must be returned 24 hours prior to the start of the Annual TPHA meeting.


Section 2. The offices of the section shall be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson Chairperson-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall be elected by the members of the section by ballot for a term of one year. The Chairperson-Elect shall serve as such from the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected to the close of the next annual meeting when they shall automatically become Chairperson.

Vacancy in the office of Chairperson shall be filled by the Vice-Chairperson. As Chairperson he/she shall serve to the close of the next annual meeting and shall have all powers and prerogatives of the Chairperson. The only officer unable to immediately succeed him or herself will be the Chairperson.

Section 3. The Section Chairperson shall preside at all section meetings and Executive Committee meetings. He/She shall be responsible for the section program of the annual meeting and shall initiate the planning of the program with the Program Committee at least five months prior to the date of the annual meeting. The Chairperson shall call all regular and special meetings of the Executive Committee. The Section Chairperson shall serve as the representative on the Tennessee Public Health Association Board of Directors.

Section 4. The section will have an Executive Committee composed of the officers, the immediate past Chairperson, and the Standing Committee Chairs.

Section 5. The Secretary shall perform the following duties: maintain records of the Nursing Section and Executive Committee, maintain a running list of Nursing Section scholarship recipients, award recipients and conference fee waiver recipients, conduct all correspondence of the Nursing Section, coordinate with the TPHA website personnel for updates as necessary, and submit a Nursing Section report at the close of the annual meeting.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall keep a register of members of the section as defined in Article I, Section 2 of the Bylaws. The Treasurer shall keep record of all money received or dispersed by the section, including regular bank statements for all Nursing Sections accounts. Money payable to the section shall be paid by check signed by the Treasurer.

An annual report shall be submitted to the Executive Director of TPHA within ninety (90) days following the annual meeting.

Section 7. The Tennessee Department of Health, Director of Nursing or designee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the section. The Director of Nursing or designee shall serve as a liaison for the Scholarship Committee to receive honorary/memorial donations to the section. The Director of Nursing or designee shall communicate to the section Treasurer the receipt or distribution of any and all monies, to include a copy of regular bank statements.

Section 8. An office of the section shall be considered vacated when the officer in question dies, resigns, or is employed outside the State of Tennessee. Vacancy in the office of Chairperson shall be filled by the Vice-Chairperson. All other vacated offices shall be filled by the action of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE III. Executive Committee

Section 1. In addition to those prescribed in the Constitution, the Executive Committee shall have the following duties and powers:

  1. To plan methods for the procurement of funds and/or distribution of funds

  2. To plan the budget for the Section's activities

  3. To conform to Tennessee Public Health Association policies in the conduct of its work

  4. To serve as program committee for the section's annual meeting

ARTICLE IV. Standing Committees

Section 1. Standing Committees of the Section and their respective Chairpersons shall be appointed by the Section Chairperson and approved by the Executive Committee. Committee members shall serve until the close of the next annual meeting. Standing Committees of the section shall be:

  1. Membership and Dues Committee

  2. Resolution Committee

  3. Awards Committee

  4. Nominations and Elections Committee

  5. Scholarship Committee

  6. Bylaws Committee

  7. Public Health Nursing History Committee

Section 2. The responsibilities of the Standing Committees shall be as follows:

  1. The Membership and Dues Committee shall have as its Chairperson the Treasurer of the section. This committee shall be responsible for:

    1. Collecting dues

    2. Notifying persons that dues are payable no later than two months prior to annual meeting

    3. Reporting at the business meeting on the status of the membership and the dues collected

    4. Promoting recruitment of members into the section

    5. Reconciliation of financial records according to general accepted accounting principles

  2. The Resolution Committee shall be responsible for considering and preparing all resolutions for adoption by the section and for presenting those resolutions needing action to the Resolutions Committee of the Tennessee Public Health Association.

  3. The Awards Committee shall be responsible for setting guidelines,

    determining eligibility of nominees, selecting award recipients from nominees, and securing the awards. The awards may be presented at the annual section meeting. The awards which may be given are:

    1. Outgoing Nursing Section Chairperson in the form of an appropriate plaque

    2. Award for Excellence in Public Health Nursing Administration/Supervision/Management (including program directors) in the form of a permanent and cash award of $100 (RN only) as available

    3. Award for Excellence in Direct Public Health Nursing Service in the form a permanent and cash award of $100 (NAs, LPNs, RNs, and APNs) as available

    4. Award for Excellence in Indirect Nursing Care (to be inclusive to those that do not serve direct patient care on a day to day basis) in the form of permanent and cash award of $100 (NAs, LPNs, RNs, and APNs) as available

    5. Other awards to be determined at the discretion of the Nursing Section Officers

  4. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall prepare the ballot and present a double slate of officers to the membership. A cover letter with instructions of the ballot will be given to the secretary to be mailed to the entire membership of the section. The nominations committee will choose officers from across the state, rotating between East, Middle, and West Tennessee whenever possible.

    1. Candidates for office shall be members of TPHA and the Nursing Section.

    2. Candidates must have supervisor approval to be added to the ballot.

    3. Candidates must have given their written consent to serve if elected.

  5. The Scholarship Committee shall consist of one (1) member from each grand division of the state. Functions of this Committee are to:

    1. Review and revise the application for nominees applying for the scholarship

    2. Assure/Promote publicity of the scholarship

    3. Work with the Executive Committee regarding fund-raising efforts to assure continuation of scholarship monies

    4. Work with the Executive Committee regarding the established scholarship account, including mechanisms to continue receiving honorary/memorial funds to this account.

    5. Review and revise the rating form as needed to be utilized by the Scholarship Committee to determine scholarship recipient.

    6. Review the Scholarship Guidelines and recommend revisions to the Executive Committee of the Nursing Section. Revisions shall be forwarded to the section Secretary for posting on the TPHA website.

    7. One Fourth (1/4) of the yearly total of section dues will be allocated for scholarships. Private donations may be received by the Director of Nursing or Nursing Section Executive Committee and these monies will be deposited into the TPHA Nursing Scholarship Fund Account. Additionally, there is a Certificate of Deposit (CD) that perpetuates the Nursing Section Scholarship Fund. The Nursing Section Executive Committee can elect to fund additional scholarship monies on a year to year basis, from other section funding sources as funds are available.

    8. The Nursing Section Scholarship can be awarded annually. The Executive Committee will set the amount and schedule the awarding, subject to resources available and need of applicants. As of 2016 the awards available include:

      Nursing Section Scholarship annually for $1500.00

      Linda Owens Scholarship annually as available for $1000.00

  6. The Bylaws Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and updating the Bylaws every two (2) years or as needed. Recommended changes will be distributed electronically before the annual Nursing Section Meeting of TPHA. The recommended changes will be voted upon at t h e m ee t i n g , using a majority vote.

  7. The Public Health Nursing History Committee shall be responsible for the following:

    1. Securing the data from 1960 to current year

    2. Completing the ongoing collection of nursing history for the State of Tennessee

    3. Committee Chair will be responsible for monitoring, housing, and passing new historical information to the next Chair, including but not limited to the glass shadow boxes purchased in 2016 and further Nursing History documents housed in the Central Office, Nashville, TN.

    4. The State Nursing Director will act as a liaison between the Nursing Section Chair and Central office in regards to use of the Nursing History documents housed there in Nashville, TN and will report to the Nursing Section Chair if any of the documents are used outside of their housing location at Central Office.

    5. The TPHA Nursing Section will have rights to remove and use the glass shadow boxes and any other historical documents at events as necessary and return them to Central Office when done.

    6. It is suggested, but not required, that committee members consist of one (1) member from each grand division across the state whenever possible.

    7. Updates will be reported at the annual Nursing Section meeting as deemed appropriate by the executive committee.

ARTICLE V. Annual Conference Registration Waiver

Section 1. The Executive Committee shall have the right to allocate available section funds in the form of registration waivers for the Annual TPHA Meeting. Allocation of funds shall be determined on a year to year basis.

  1. Waivers shall be divided equally among the three grand divisions

  2. Waivers will be awarded to active Nursing Section Members who have paid dues by March 15th of current calendar year.

  3. Waivers will be selected by May 1st of current calendar year for Annual TPHA Meeting held in the fall.

  4. Section Treasurer will be responsible for randomly selecting names from those who meet above stated criteria and contacting selected member.

  5. If member selected is not able to attend the fall meeting or declines the waiver, an additional name shall be drawn as a replacement.

  6. Section Treasurer will be responsible for submitting registration information and fees for the waived conference recipient.