Nursing Section Scholarship Application

Nursing Section Scholarship Guidelines

Guidelines for Scholarship

Nursing Section-Revised 2015

Tennessee Public Health Association



The Nursing Section, Tennessee Public Health Association has established a scholarship which can be awarded annually. This scholarship will be named the Barbara C. Morgan Scholarship.

The following guidelines will be established for the awarding of this scholarship:

  1. I. The scholarship will be awarded to a public health nursing employee who meets the following criteria:
  1. A. Has worked at least two (2) years in a public health setting
  1. B. Has been a member of TPHA and TPHA Nursing Section for the past year.
  1. C. Has developed a plan to pursue a completed course of study to obtain an undergraduate/graduate/certificate, in nursing, nursing specialty, or public health.
  1. Has obtained approval for this educational experience for supervision or management.
  1. E. Has made meaningful contributions to public health.
  1. F. Has a demonstrated financial need (i.e., number of dependents and extenuating circumstances).
  1. II. The scholarship can be awarded annually. The Executive Committee, Nursing Section, Tennessee Public Health Association will set the amount and scheduled awarding, subject to resources/need of applicant.

III.  There will be established, a Nursing Section Scholarship Committee, appointed by the Section’s Executive Committee.

  1. A. Committee Composition (should include):
  1. Representation from each grand division of the state.
  1. Up to seven members.
  1. B. Functions of the Committee:
  1. To develop an application for nominees applying for the scholarship.
  1. To assure promotion/publicity of the scholarship.
  1. To work with the Executive Committee regarding fund-raising efforts to assure continuation of scholarship monies.
  1. To work with the Executive Committee regarding the establishment and handling of a scholarship account, including a mechanism to receive honorary/memorial donations to this fund.
  1. To serve as the Awards Committee to determine a recipient for the scholarship.
  1. To develop a rating form to be utilized by the Awards Committee to determine the recipient.
  1. To recommend revisions in the Scholarship Guidelines to the Executive

Committee, Nursing Section, Tennessee Public Health Association. IV.   The process of screening applications and selecting a recipient are as follows:

  1. A. All applications for scholarship shall be received by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson three months prior to the annual meeting or other designated date, if appropriate.
  1. B. These applications will be sent to each member of the Scholarship Committee along with the rating form. Each member will rate each applicant based on the following criteria:
  1. Stated goals/objectives for the educational experience;
  1. Contributions to Public Health (including work history);
  1. Financial need.
  1. C. The point system (1-3 with 3 being the highest) will be used to evaluate the applicant with regard to the criteria.
  1. The top-rated applicant shall be awarded the scholarship as determined by the above stated criteria. The executive committee will be informed of the decision and issues will be discussed as deemed appropriate. An alternate recipient may be named in the event that the primary nominee does not accept the award or fulfill the requirements.
  1. E. The award recipient will be notified by letter on the designated date for that particular year. This will be done by the Chairperson, Executive Committee, and Nursing Section.
  1. F. The name of the recipient will be announced in the “Tennessee Public Health Association Newsletter” and at the Luncheon, Nursing Section, and Tennessee Public Health Association.