2019 Middle TN Visionary Award Winner

This award is presented annually in each grand division of the state as part of TPHA’s celebration of National Public Health Week.

Do you know of an individual or group who is working to create a healthy community? Maybe it is a retired volunteer, a school employee, a local policy maker, a mom’s group, a local church group, a community advocate or a health professional?

Nominate them for the visionary award!

TPHA wants to recognize those individuals or groups who dedicate their time, talents, and efforts to promote good health through creating opportunities in their community that improve the health of their neighbors.

Nomination Instructions:

  • Nomination narrative should not exceed two pages
  • Nominations may include one attachment in addition to the 2 pages.
  • The attachment cannot be more than 5 pages.
  • Nominations are due by noon central on March 5th.
  • Late nominations cannot be considered.
  • Nominees do not have to be members of TPHA, but either the individual, or an individual in the group making the nomination must be a TPHA member.

View the official flyer here.

Download the nomination form (PDF) here.

Nominations due Thursday, March 5 by Noon Central.

For more information contact Shannon Railling at Raillings@warrenschools.com