Who Attends TPHA’s Annual Conference?

  • Local and State Health Professionals
  • Colleges, Universities, Students Private Health Care Providers Health Insurance Companies Private Industry
    Community Organizations
  • Nurses, Doctors, Administrators, Environmentalists, Educators, Dentists, Social Workers
  • Nutritionists and Veterinarians

TPHA is the official professional organization for those engaged or interested in public health services in Tennessee. TPHA provides networking, professional development, and advocacy opportunities for and on behalf of health professionals working and studying across a broad and diverse range of service areas.

TPHA’s annual conference is specifically designed to help members achieve and maintain high quality standards in all aspects of public health by connecting them to state and national experts on the most pressing issues facing Tennessee. The conference is about learning new information, sharing ideas, and networking.

TPHA is committed to protecting, promoting, and improving the health and prosperity of people in Tennessee by exercising leadership in health policy, increasing awareness of public health issues, and strengthening the development of health professions.

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