The following individuals and groups received awards during the Tennessee Public Health Association’s Annual Awards Luncheon on September 12, 2019 at the Franklin Marriott Cools Springs Hotel and Conference Center.

The R.H. Hutcheson, Sr. MD Award recipient is Gail Harmon pictured with (L-R) TPHA President Cathy Taylor, TDH Commissioner Lisa Piercey, Harmon, Gail’s son Xavier and TPHA member Melissa Davis.

The Alex B. Shipley MD Award recipient is Rebekah English picutred with (L-R) Dr. Cathy Taylor, English, Commissioner Piercey, Dr. Alisa Cade

The Doris Spain Distinguished Service Award recipient TPHA President Cathy Taylor is pictured with (L-R) Doris Spain, Dr. Taylor, Commissioner Piercey.

Public Health Worker of the Year is Laura Conner, pictured here with (L-R) Dr. Taylor, TPHA East VP Marianne Sharp, Laura Conner, Commissioner Piercey.

Public Health Group of the Year Award winners are the West Tennessee Health Educators, pictured with Dr. Cathy Taylor, nominator Myrtle Russell and Commissioner Lisa Piercey.

Shawn McDowell is the 2019 recipient of the PAL (Partners and Leadership) Award.  Pictured are Dr. Cathy Taylor, Shawn McDowell, Commissioner Piercey, nominator Catherine Sedergren, TPHA Awards Committee Chair Jennifer Valentine.

Loudon County Juvenile Services Tobacco Program is the 2019 recipient of the PAL Group Award, pictured here with Dr. Cathy Taylor, Commissioner Piercey, Jennifer Valentine and nominator Teresa Harrill.

We are accepting nominations for this year’s awards to be announced in September 2020.  TPHA Awards Nomination Process:

TPHA Awards Eligibility Criteria:

R.H. Hutcheson, Sr., MD Award– This award is considered the highest award given by TPHA. It is named in honor of Dr. R. H. Hutcheson, Sr., Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Public Health for many years. The award is to be presented to that person in the field of public health who has made outstanding contributions to public health over a period of several years.  The nominee must have been a member of TPHA for a minimum of five (5) years and an Active or Life Member of the Association in the year in which he/she receives the award.

Alex B. Shipley, MD Award – This award is named in honor of Dr. Alex B. Shipley, Health Director of the East Tennessee Grand Division for a number of years. An outspoken advocate of public health, Dr. Shipley’s work contributed greatly to building local health department infrastructure in Tennessee. This award is to be presented to an employee of a regional or local health department who has made outstanding contributions in the field of public health over a period of several years. The nominee must be a member of TPHA for five (5) years, including the year upon which the award is based.

Public Health Worker of the Year – This award is presented to that person in the field of public health who, during the past three years, has provided outstanding service to the field. The person must be in full-time employment in the field and must hold active or life membership in the Association.

Public Health Group/Unit/Department Award – This award is presented to a local, regional or state public health group, unit, or department that has made an outstanding contribution to public health. At least a portion of the team must be a current member of TPHA during the year in which the award is given.

PAL (Partners and Leadership) Award – This award is presented to a non-public health professional, group, or organization which has made a significant contribution on behalf of public health that is extraordinary and would set an example for others. At the discretion of the Awards Committee, two separate categories of PAL Awards (group/organization and individual) may be presented in a given year.

Doris Spain Award for Distinguished Service – This award is selected by the TPHA Board of Directors and is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to the Association.

Public Health Service Awards – Awards are presented to individuals who have had 20, 30, 40 or 50 years service in public health and who have been a member of TPHA for at least five years.

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