Three regional partnership meetings, one in each Grand Division, were sponsored by the Tennessee Public Health Association in April 2018. The planning committees were led by each region’s respective TPHA vice-president and were comprised of members from TPHA, the Tennessee Department of Health, and local community representatives. The sessions were chosen in response to membership survey responses from the previous year’s regional meetings and the September 2017 annual conference and from current topics addressed by the American Public Health Association as applied to state and local issues.  Afternoon sessions were designed by Dr. Veran Fairrow to include information on community benefits of water fluoridation and recognition of Tennessee utility and water districts for compliance with CDC fluoridation standards.   The work of the committees was guided by continued efforts to foster collaborative relationships at the local level.  Information about the meetings along with invitations to attend were sent to elected officials, county and city leaders, public health professionals and others interested in water fluoridation, gun safety and the other topics.